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Buffalo's This Week in Movies, July 19th, 2009; Harry Potter, Beth Cooper, Bruno

Posted: Jul 19, 2009

HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE is a good one. A year has passed since the climactic events of 2007's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which culminated in the reemergence of the sinister Lord Voldemort. It is a dark time for both the muggle and wizard worlds alike as Bellatrix Lestrange and the rest of her Death Eater crew roam freely between both realms, leaving devastation and chaos in their wake.

Dumbledore pulls Harry out of what was about to be a promising first date. Ron Weasley has begun dating the busybody Lavender Brown. while Harry has developed a crush of his own on Ron’s sister Ginny, who’s currently attached to Dean Thomas. All the while it is obvious to everyone, except Ron, that Hermione Granger has a crush on him. Welcome to the Harry Potter soap opera.

Throughout all of these films I have wanted to stand up and scream “don’t trust Professor Severus Snape!” Well. It is at his hand that one of the series’ main characters meets his doom this go-round.

Lots of excitement, a great story (as always, although the books do tend to be better than the films) and a great set up for the final installment. Good thing they are wrapping it all up in a way, Harry’s going to be middle aged soon. Five Stars.

I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER is a fun one too. Lots of laughs. When the high school valedictorian professes his love for hottie head cheerleader Beth Cooper, a girl with whom he’s never actually had a conversation, in front of the entire graduating class, while embarrassing her ROTC boyfriend and a few other people in the same speech.

Hayden Panettiere, star of NBC’s Heroes, steels the show as Beth, a beautiful young girl named after a KISS song who hides a somewhat insane streak on the inside.

Falling somewhere in between Superbad and Animal House, there are some genuinely funny moments. Four Stars.

BRUNO has gotten great reviews from liberal press folks who are so in love with the idea of  Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamboyant gay character that they failed to see just how over the top offensive the quasi-documentary is to everyone from hispanics to blacks and yes, to gays. Sure, it's pretty funny in places, as far as shock value goes. Still, it was really hard for me to watch.  I liked Borat, but Bruno just goes way too far. One Star

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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Avatar says...

You couldn't pay me to see Bruno. But Beth Cooper, oh yeah!!!!!

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