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Buffalo's This Week in Movies, January 12th

Posted: Jan 12, 2009

Wow, were we bombarded with films over the Christmas Holidays. Lots of good ones, some not so good. Now, in the post-Holiday cool down, there are still some movies that I am really looking forward to. One that I can hardly wait to see is The Wrestler, staring Mickey Rourke. He won the Golden Globe last night as Best Actor for this one, but the movie still hasn’t hit Greenville. Why? I don’t know. Sean Penn in Milk is also a no show here so far, and like The Wrestler, it has a bit of Oscar buzz.

There were a few special moments during The Globes last night, including Bruce Springsteen winning for his theme song “The Wrestler,” and his back and forth banter with Rourke. Cool.

I was extremely pleased that the Hollywood Foreign Press gave the Best Supporting Actor trophy to the late Heath Ledger. As an a trained actor myself, I could see just how much Ledger put into the role of Gotham City’s number one criminal, The Joker, in The Dark Knight. It was an astounding piece of acting.

Slumdog Millionaire won a butt load of awards including Best Picture. Oddly enough, it has not played Greenville either. I’m beginning to think they have something against us here in the South. Just kidding. Sort of.

I did see another excellent film the other day. Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino. Eastwood directs, stars and wrote the music. Pretty impressive. He plays a Korean War vet whose wife has just died, and he has become a bitter, angry old racist living right in the middle of an Asian community. When he pulls his shotgun to break up a gangland initiation, the cycle is set in motion that finds him making very unlikely friends, and putting his very life on the line for them. It’s one of Eastwood’s most powerful roles ever. I highly recommend this one cats and kittens. I know what you're thinkin,'  five stars.

If you’re in the mood for cute, Kate Hudson and Ann Hathaway play BFF’s who wrap their whole lives around the idea of each of them having a dream wedding one day, and for a moment it looks like it may happen, but then jealousy and all the usual emotional crapola shatters the dream. It’s a pretty good comedy, but given the caliber of films I have been seeing this year, I really can’t give it over three stars out of five. I do need to say that Goldie’s daughter Kate looks better with the bit of extra weight on her.

Like I said earlier, I am really looking forward to The Wrestler, and there are a few more movies that are looking mighty interesting. I’ll talk more about them next week. And now, back to the music...

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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coconut1955 says...

I have seen The Wrestler and it is amazing. You will love it, especially since you are an old school wrestling fan.

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