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Buffalo's This Week in Movies, August 15th, 2009; Time Travel, Aliens in Africa, a French Chef and Zooey

Posted: Aug 15, 2009

It’s been a banner week for good movies. Honestly, I can not remember a time when I posted four movie reviews that were all five star pictures.

THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE stars Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana in a sci-fi love story based on the novel of the same name, and it is brilliant. McAdams is so beautiful and such a skilled actress, combined with Bana’s ever present furrowed brow the combination just works. Of course it could be the brilliant script that is like Somewhere in Time (remember that one with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour) and The Sixth Sense. It’s nothing short of a beautiful love story, and while every relationship has its problems, these guys have a bit of a bigger one, in that Bana simply disappears and travels through time, landing naked in the past or future. They managed to keep the storyline straight, which must have been a real challenge for the writers. I really love this five star love story.

Everybody is talking about DISTRICT 9 this week, and with good reason. Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson has produced a sci-fi masterpiece that in unlike anything you have ever seen on the silver screen. With a first time actor in the leading role and a first time director in the hot seat Jackson spent a fraction of what these F/X filled movies usually cost.

Aliens have landed their mothership over South Africa, where it has remained, hovering for the past 20 years. The humans have put all of the aliens into a slum called District 9 where they are abused by militant Nigerian gangs, many of whom have taken to eating parts of the grasshopper like aliens, believing it will give them some voodoo like super strength. I won’t give away the plot, because it would be too easy. The story will sound very familiar if you compare it to not too distant past South African history. It’s all about intolerance and injustice. And it’s very unique in that the humans are actually the bad guys. Five Stars.

JULIE & JULIA tells two stories at once. One is the story of famed cook, author and TV personality Julia Child. The other story takes place in post 9/11 New York, and stars a girl named Julie and her obsession with Julia Child. Julie decides to spend a full year cooking each and every recipe in the Child cookbook. It’s a wholesome, highly entertaining film that should earn Meryl Street another Oscar. MAybe Amy Adams too. Both women knocked one out of the park with this movie. Five Stars.

500 DAYS OF SUMMER stars the way too cute Zooey Dechannel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Summer and Tom, a couple madly in love- well, at least he is. Summer is beautiful, intelligent and ... complicated. These wacky kids have a great time so long as Tom doesn’t ask Summer to commit. The story is told in flash backs and flash forwards, but unlike Lost, you can keep up very easily. During a summer filled with cinematic love stories, this one comes out on top. Well, at least in a dead heat for first place with The Time Traveler’s Wife. Yes, it's another Five Star flick.

Keep it Real, y’all. Keep it Southern.

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Benjamin1966 says...

saw district 9 today. I agree it is a special movie. really really good.

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