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Buffalo's Soap Box: Time For Change

Posted: Nov 05, 2008

No matter how you look at it, America is about to change. As I watched President Elect Barrack Obama speak to some half a million people in Grant Park in Chicago last night at around midnight, I had cold chills. In all of my years watching Presidential election coverage, I have never felt more hopeful. Never.

I decided a long time ago that Obama was our best hope for change. I really believe it. I realize there are a lot of GRITZ readers who are true blue (I mean, red) Republicans, and I have several friends who were very vocal about their outright disdain for President Elect Obama. Not me.

It was never about race with me neither, nor was it about his name, political party, and I never judged a man by the size of his ears. (Okay, I couldn’t resist.)

I feel a hope I have not felt since the sixties. To me, Obama is the living embodiment of the old Dion song “Abraham, Martin and John.” He possesses the best elements of Lincoln, King and Kennedy. Like myself, he loves the idea of peace. I am among those who truly believe Barrack’s intentions are real, positive, and can be achieved.

I believe his election will help to unite the races, something I have dreamed of since I first read about the Civil Rights movement back in grade school. If one man can, by some miracle, rally people of every ethninticity, income level, mindset and religion to work together to save our nation, I believe Obama is the man.

I was so very happy the election coverage flowed so flawlessly. No hanging chads. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I was also very proud of John McCain. His concession speech was the best one I have ever heard, and it seemed like he had reverted back the the pre-campaign McCain. The war hero. The man who has worked tirelessly for his country for so many years. The humble man. All of the badmouthing was over. It was all tactics to get elected. That was not the real McCain. Last night’s McCain was the McCain I always admired. The man who endured torture in the Vietnam P.O.W. camp. The American hero.

The USA needs major fixing following eight years of the worst President in history. It’s going to be a huge job. Huge. But last night I went to bed with a big smile on my face. Obama had been elected the 44th President of the United States, and I for one believe he is locked and loaded to make some real change. The timing couldn’t b better.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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JuliBoo says...

I'm a believer! I just hope I can actualize my part of the hope he has inspired in me. It will take the participation of all of us.

elaine1987 says...

I could not agree more Buffalo. He's young and fresh. Its like America has been given a second chance. I am behind Mr. Obama 110%. Keep it southern! You are a gem Mr. Buffalo.

palmettopirate says...

You and I have a lot of things in common Buffalo, but Obama ain't one of em'. I think history will prove electing him to be President is the biggest mistake we've ever made. I hope I'm wrong for my kid's sake!

copperhead says...

OK I agree with you 90%. It is the 10% that concerns me. This applies to anyone and I'll use retail since thats what I do. Take a manager in a small store. He has 5 people working for him. He has to do scheduling, payroll. interviewing, buying merchindise for the stote and Manage a budget. So he has ALL the skill sets to manage a reatil store. So he applies to manage a super wall mart. 6 months later he is fired because althoungh he has all the skill sets he does not have global management experence and the job is overwhelming. Thats my concern.

PenneElk says...

You beat me to the box, Buff. But I plan to blog about this historic event tomorrow and, if possible, put this event in some kind of historical/personal perspective. I am too overcome to write anything at this point. You and I lived through the Civil Rights Movement. We NEVER thought we would see this day. I am also filled with hope for the first time in a long time--not just because an African-American was elected President but because America has spoken in one voice and said we can look beyond race or beyond names that sound unfamiliar--even scarey--or, believe it or not, beyond political affiliation. America has finally NOT defaulted on its promissory note. We are standing up and being counted and regardless of what happens next, today I am proud to be an American.

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