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Buffalo's Book Club: The Story of Missouri's Finest Southern Rock Band

Posted: Feb 06, 2010

Man oh man, I owe Supe Granda a big ol' apology. I started writing a review of his fine book nearly a year ago, and almost managed to let it slip through the carcks on my "To Do" list. That would have been a crime. It Shined: The Saga of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils is a fine book. Mighty fine indeed. Check out my review here. And remember, "If you wanna get to Heaven, You gotta raise a little Hell."


Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



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michaelbuffalo says...

You will love the book man. Seriously.

copperhead says...

Always loves that band. We played if you want to get to heaven in mant dark and smokey bars. I will have to get the book

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