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Buffalo Roaming: Video of Billy Bob's Interview, Party Post Tomorrow

Posted: Aug 04, 2008

Hello sports fans. Just in from 12 hours on the road from Cooper's house and boy howdy am I tired. Last night's party was amazing, but there was little sleep to be had. We'll talk tomorrow. Suffice it to say the jam rocked with Jason Isbell, Scott Boyer III, Billy C. Farlow, Sons of Roswell, Howler and more. Also on hand were Shoals legends David Hood, NC Thurman and Kelvin Holly, not to mention one sweetheart friend of mine who writes for SWAMPLAND.COM, Penne Elk. We'll share tomorrow.

Meanwhile, with the memories of Billy Bob and The Boxmasters still fresh in my head, here is a great video from The Huntsville Times online. Lots of Billy's A&E interview and some performance. Enjoy! I love it!

'Til Tuesday, (Oh no, an 80s band reference?)

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


Billy Bob

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rebyll says...

Buff, Don't you need an assistant? Aide? Driver? Bodyguard? Gofer? Send me an application!!!! LOL

tennesseewaltz says...

Very very cool

tuckerhead says...

Great video. I wish it had him doing Carl Chidlers.

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