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Bloodkin's Daniel Hutchens Writes A Note On Swampland

Posted: Mar 31, 2009

Daniel Hutchens Pens Ode To Swampland

There's too many articles, interviews, reviews I'm working on to mention them all now in a list. However, I did put up an Isaac Hayes review today. More news later tomorrow, but for now all the work to be done is behind the scenes. Amid such busy obligation, I thought I'd put up a note Bloodkin's Daniel Hutchens wrote about Swampland. Danny's a songwriting force in his own right, and there will be more Bloodkin-related news in the next two weeks. For now, I'll leave you with his words. I always kept a good choice of friends...
James Calemine

"I fell in love with rock n roll early on, and by thirteen I had decided to make songwriting and performing my life’s work. At that time I had no idea the kinds of obstacles and shysters I’d run into along the winding trail of the music business. There are times when a working musician can get mighty discouraged.

But then once in a while you run into a kindred spirit, someone who loves the music just as much as you do, someone who gives you hope that what you’re doing is worthwhile and maybe even important. Someone who works hard spreading the gospel about this strange, mystical music born in the Southeastern corner of America.

My old friend James Calemine is one of those kindred spirits who truly loves the music. For all the years I’ve known him, he’s been not only a documenter of American music, but a true artist in his own right. His writing has been an inspiration to me, and his dedicated work ethic has set an example I only hope I sometimes live up to.

James and all his comrades-in-arms over there at Swampland deserve serious gratitude for the job they’re doing. They’re painting a fine portrait of all that’s good about the South, all the reasons it’s a beautiful place to live and work. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to explain to people who don’t live here...but all you really have to do is tell someone to read a few articles on Swampland, and they’ll get the picture pretty quick."

-Daniel Hutchens (of Bloodkin)
Athens GA
March, 2009

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