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Big 12 Fever: Leach Outcome Will Have a Huge Effect on the Conference

Posted: Dec 30, 2009

A college football coach suspended for a game? That’s definitely something we’re not used to seeing, and there’s no doubt the Mike Leach-Texas Tech administration conflict is very unique. The school’s brass announced their outspoken coach would not coach the Red Raiders’ bowl game, as they investigated the claim of abusive treatment by a current player. Most of the time an accusation like this would not force a school to suspend their head man, but this scenario seems to be highly influenced by the fact that the player in question (Adam James) is the son of college football legend and current ESPN broadcaster Craig James.

Two things seem clear in this unusual Lubbock soap opera: Texas Tech officials are very worried about their reputation with ESPN being the main outlet of college football coverage, and their relationship with Leach was fairly adversarial before this incident ever occurred. With ESPN seemingly ‘hijacking’ this story from a national angle, the Red Raider coaches and former players have rushed to the local media to defend the embattled head coach, who is now trying to get a court order to allow him to coach his players in the Alamo Bowl.

While the court hearing will only determine who coaches the Alamo Bowl for the Red Raiders, the bigger story is that Leach’s future in Lubbock seems very shaky either way. The veteran coach has almost predicted his own firing in this matter. The Leach decision and the impending effect will define the Texas Tech program-good or bad- for years to come.

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