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Big 12 Daily Fever: North Division coming up short

Posted: Oct 20, 2009

We have written many times that for the Big 12 to catch the SEC in power, the North Division was going to have to pull its weight. After the first month of the season, teams like Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas looked like they might ready to raise the bar in their half of the conference.

That momentum was killed last weekend as Kansas was upset by Colorado, Nebraska was blown out at home by Texas Tech, and Missouri lost their second straight game to Oklahoma State.

The team leading the North right now is a Kansas State squad that lost earlier in the year to Louisiana-Lafayette and was destroyed 66-14 a week ago against Texas Tech.

While a Kansas or Nebraska will have a shot to upset a South team in the Big 12 Title Game, it currently looks like the league race will come down to the Texas-Oklahoma State battle Halloween night in Stillwater.

Conference imbalance continues to plague the Big 12.  It seems to us that it is time to look at a realignment that would move the Oklahoma teams to the North Division.  It might not be geographically sound, but it may have to happen for the sake of good football.

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