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Big 12 Daily Fever: Nebraska Must Rebound For Conference Balance To Return

Posted: Oct 27, 2009

We've been very critical of the North Division and for good reason. As the conference tries to catch the SEC in national perception, the North has become an anchor dragging down the South stalwarts. While Kansas and Missouri have improved greatly as programs in recent years, nothing would help the league improve more than Nebraska getting back to being a national power.

Much like Florida State and Miami holding down the ACC in recent years, the Cornhuskers have struggled to compete in the Big 12 this decade.

They have reached the league Title Game only once in the 2000's and have lost consecutive games in October for the fifth straight year. Before 2005, Nebraska went 36 straight seasons without losing consecutive games in October.

As long as the Huskers stay mired in mediocrity, the North Division will continue to be the Big 12's second class citizen.

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