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Big 12 Daily Fever: Nebraska Battles Big 12 North Credibility, Virginia Tech

Posted: Sep 15, 2009

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As the North Division strives to catch up with the South, the need for big non-conference wins becomes paramount. Oklahoma State and Missouri did that in Week 1, but then OSU, Kansas State and Colorado lost to C-USA, Sun Belt and MAC opponents in Week 2.

This Saturday provides a true litmus test for Nebraska, who will know exactly where they are as a team when they travel to Blacksburg to battle Virginia Tech.

Bo Pelini’s club has blown out two inferior squads, but they were outrushed last week by Arkansas State, which might be hard for old time Husker fans to stomach.  Pelini was brought back to Lincoln for his defense and toughness, and Nebraska will need both of those as they try to take down one of the ACC’s best.

Like FSU and Miami in the ACC, Nebraska has all of the resources to be a top national program but has struggled of late.  For conferences to start competing with the SEC, their programs with resources must start showing those resources in terms of wins on the field.

For the Big 12, Nebraska and the rest of the North (a division which feels more like the Big 10 West than the Big 12 North) must start showing up, or they will have another late season conference championship debacle like last year.

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