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Barry Lee Harwood EIght Years Later: The GRITZ Interview

Posted: Jun 13, 2010

Eight years ago Scott Greene interviewed former Rossington Collins Band member Barry Lee Harwood for GRITZ. At the time, Barry Lee was beginning a whole new life path and had great plans for a new band and a new album.

Almost exactly eight years to the day later, Barry Lee is happy, healthy and has one fine solo album out. We caught up with him for an exclusive interview to update us on his life and music. But be warned! This interview is no "sound byte." As Barry Lee himself would say, "pack a lunch" and join us in the Southern Part of Heaven. Read it all here.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


NOTE: Be sure to download the Stone Ground & Southern Compilation to hear a track from Barry Lee's new record!

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Richard Helwig says...

Barry, I enjoyed reading about you in the GRITZ interview. God Bless! Rich

deltablue says...

This guy is amazing. I love the new cd. I got it after reading your review so thanx

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