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Angelus 2008 Photos: Day Two

Posted: Dec 10, 2008


Photos by Buffalo, Rob Donbar, Scott Greene, Tom Bell, Mike Proctor .


Taylor Henry in the Lobby Bar.


Taylor and Mama.


Taylor joined by Tommy Crain. How cool!


The Angelus sound man Pete McCaffrey (the best!) and his wife.


Brad "The Animal" Lesley, Linda and Pat Ellwood, and Bill Summe.


BB Borden and Marcus Henderson of MTB.

Bo Bice talk with Charlie after placing the winning bid on a gold fiddle.


Charlie, Bo Bice and the $3000 golden fiddle.


Charlie presents an appreciation award to Danny Shirley and Confederate Railroad.


Charlie presents an appreciation award to Doug Gray and Marshall Tucker.


Charlie presents an appreciation award to Ginger Ambrose.


OLD SCHOOL REUNION- Charlie, Charlie Hayward and Tommy Crain.


Doug and Pat of MTB clown around at the banquet.


Charlie and Tommy reunited and it feels so good!



Tommy and Kerry's hat.


Jamming with Charlie.

"The Devil Went Down to Georgia"


Big Mike from The Trunk Band jams with The Crosstown Allstars.


Buff and Guy trade hats.


Buff goes down to the "Crossroads."


The Mouth of the South, wrestling icon Jimmy Hart.


Mr. & Mrs. Rick Willis.


My old travelin' buddy Scott.


Charlie sits in with The Sweeny Family.


The Queen of Angelus Tammy Williams.


Buff dines with Tom and Ann Bell.


LEFTY DRUM MASTER - Crosstown Allstars drummer Towson Engsberg.


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