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Angelus 2008 Photos: Day One

Posted: Dec 10, 2008



Photos by Buffalo, Rob Donbar, Scott Greene, Tom Bell, Mike Proctor


Buffalo meets Bo Bice at the Pairing Party.


Amanda Martin and Michael Buffalo Smith songwriters showcase.


Angelus organizer Gar Williams.


Buff meets former GRITZ contributor Doreen Clifford.


"Nancy" Cartoonist and Long Time Angelus Supporter, Guy Gilchrist.


The Crosstown Allstars rock out with Charlie Daniels.


Tommy Crain.


Chad Brock sits in.


Bob Rumer, the late great Kerry Creasy and Tommy Crain.


Old friends doin' it Sourhern Style.


Kerry's last show, singin' the blues backed by Charlie. He was having a large time. We'll miss you brother.

Fast Fred Cole, Buster Chops and Bo Bice hangin.'


Rick Broyles and a friend.


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