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A Preview of Drive Me Out of My Mind: 24 Houses in 10 Years By Chad Faries

Posted: Jul 09, 2011

A Preview of Chad Faries' New Memoir

Emergency Press published Chad Faries' latest book titled Drive Me Out of My Mind: 24 Houses in 10 Years: A Memoir this month. I met Faries through author and The Moth founder George Dawes Green last year in Savannah, Georgia.

Faries served as a raconteur on The Unchained Tour of Georgia last fall along with Tina McElroy Ansa and a formidable list of others. Faries, currently an assistant professor at Savannah State University, hosts a theme-based storytelling and music program on WHCJ 90.3. In late August Faries begins the show again "with fresh new shows and great interviews..."

Now, Faries remains busy promoting Drive Me Out of My Mind. In 2005, Faries' poetry collection--The Border Will Be Soon--won the Emergency Press open book competition. Another Faries collection, The Book of Knowledge, was recently published by Vulgar Marsala Press. The Book of Knowledge's design and content were inspired by a 1911 children's encyclopedia.

Faries earned a Ph.D in Creative Writing from the University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Budapest. I look forward to writing about Faries and his books...so, stay tuned for the upcoming Swampland interview/review of Drive Me Out of My Mind.

George Dawes Green wrote this about Drive Me Out of My Mind: "I loved this grave, manic, kickass, drug-addled, sex-drenched, visionary memoir. It starts as a tale of rootlessness and slowly becomes the opposite of that: the story of a constant love between a troubled boy and his unhinged mother—the portrait of an iron chain. It's mesmerizing."

James Calemine


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