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A "Found Poem" on Craig's List--Thorsby, AL, June 22, 2011

Posted: Jun 23, 2011

Free Donkeys (3)   

found and arranged  by Penne J. Laubenthal (photo from www)

My mom won 3 donkeys
 in her divorce,
and now she has moved off the property
 and needs a good home for them.
They have been family pets,
kids feed em
and everyone pets them,
other than that
there hasn't been much done with them.
Female, male and their 1 month old baby...
not sure what sex the baby is
 b/c we havent messed with it much.
THEY R FREE..............
here is the catch.............
YOU must have a place for them to live,
a suitable pasture not some junked up yard.
you must be able to provide them a good pet home.
and you must move them......
Catch them, load them and move them
 without hurting them.
Mom is a "jesus stripe" donkey,
grey with black cross on her back,
Dad is a dark brown
and baby is black with white on face.
EMAIL if interested.



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