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Promise To Thomas Benefit Rocked

by Dewayne Fields

The Promise To Thomas benefit show  took place on May 9th in Castle Hayne, N.C. The event benefited Thomas King, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan King.

Ryan is frontman and singer of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band Tuesday's Gone, Ryan’s youngest son was born with a rare birth defect called Hirschsprungs Disease. Though he has some insurance, other personal expenses have to be met. Only one in 500,000 children are born with it. Thomas, along with other Hirschsprungs children, were born without thenecessary cells in his intestines which absorb the nutrients needed to stay alive. 

Saturday May 8th was a hot day. The Bail Out Boogie Band took the stage and performed some great covers followed by The Cat Fish Stew Band. The turnout was somewhat small but still great fun.

Sunday morning was a lot cooler and the main stage arrived early. Soon after the stage was erected, Stevie Outlaw performed some acoustic covers and a few original songs mixed in. Ryan King of Tuesdays Gone joined in to sing "Watchin' The River Run".

1:00pm. Total Strangers played some great classic rock covers from Bad Co, ZZ Top, Neil Young, and Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mt. Way" including the Talk Box via my friend Robert Hendrix. They also did a cover of a song you don't hear often in this setting. Black Sabbath's "War Pigs.”

3:00pm.  G.W. Pierce & Desperate Heart followed up and played some great country rock music. G.W. stuck around to help give away the door prizes and he was a hoot!

4:00  Medusa Stone was next on stage and this kid on guitar, Justin Fox, is incredible! Hendrix, SRV, among others and he was spot on. He did do a version of The Stones’ “You Can't always Get What You Want” that would make Mick Jagger cry.  I think this kid is gonna go far....

5:30  Nantucket arrives. They did a short but packed set! "Halter Triple D, (Sung to the tune of "Rocky Top”).  "Hot Legs"  Where ladies were welcomed on stage... John Wade (from Machine Gun) did an excellent duo drum solo with Jason Patterson (who double dips as "Tuesdays Gone’s drummer.) Tommy Redd also did his version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" with the lyrics somewhat changed and played to the tune od Delbert McClinton's "Standing On Shaky Ground." Tommy and the boys did a few of their other fan favorites, including "Long Way To The Top" and "Born In a Honky Tonk."

6:30 Ryan & Tuesdays Gone assault the stage for another killer show of Skynyrd covers. 

The event raised over $11,500 but the family still needs help with mounting medical bills. For more information or to donate visit http://www.cotaforthomask.com

PHOTOS By Rebyll


Tuesday's Gone rocks thre river.

Ryan and his son Thomas,Tthomas receives an autographed guitar from frynds.


Tommy of Nantucket improvises slide with a beer bottle.


Long time GRITZ friend Michael Straightjacket Strickland gets to wear Ryan's hat that was given to him by Jimmie Van Zant.


Tuesday's Gone brings everyone up!


John (Gary?) 0f Tuesday's Gone.


Robert of Total Strangers.


Nantucket's "Hot Legs" brings out the ladies.


Channel 14 from Wilmington interviews Ryan.


MACHINE GUN - John Wade and Jason Patterson.


Total Strangers.


Justin Fox of Medusa Stone rockin.


Stevie Outlaw and Ryan King.


G.W. Pierce.


The host, Jim Hartz.


What a show! Jessica Fields loves it!



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