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David Allan Coe 2006


by Michael Buffalo Smith

The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy himself, David Allan Coe, continues to build on his own mythology with the release of Rebel Meets Rebel, a new album recorded with his friends from the hard rocking band Pantera. The mixture of crunching guitars and David’s Outlaw country voice make for a totally unique, and quite rocking, sonic experience. We sat down with Coe just before his show in Greenville, S.C. for a few questions about the record and his new reality TV series.

Tell me a little about the Rebel Meets Rebel album.

Well, a lot of it was kind of spur of the moment really. We wrote the songs as we were going along. It wasn’t anything we planned and thought about for a long time. We’d get drunk and go in the studio, and Dimebag would start playing something and I’d start writing and the next thing you knew we’d have a song. We came up with a lot of great stuff. We weren’t trying to do anything special or be anything special. We weren’t trying to say this is a fusion of heavy metal and country music or rock and roll and country music. We were just playing the songs as we felt them, and however they came out was how they came out.

There was some kind of mix up or something about the album cover, right?

Well, on the cover they put D.A.C. and C.F.H., which stood for Cowboys from Hell, but instead of calling it David Allan Coe and The Cowboys from Hell, they put it out as the band name being Rebel Meets Rebel - so if you go and ask for a David Allan Coe record, it won’t tell you about this album. It’s not listed under my stuff. it’s not listed under Pantera’s stuff. It was a bad thing as far as I’m concerned, but still, we’ve sold 86,000 so far, and it’s only been out a couple of weeks.

Give me your thoughts on the death of Dimebag Darrell.

Well, I just think it was a total, total waste of humanity. I don’t understand anything about it. If you’re gonna kill anybody in the whole world, that would be the last guy I would have thought anybody would want to kill. I mean, he was a harmless drunk guitar player. You know, that ‘s what he was. he never hurt nobody. He never did anything bad to anybody. He was just a happy go lucky good guy, the same every time you saw him, always had something good to say, always had a smile on his face. He would drink with anybody. He didn’t have a big star attitude, he’d get down there and drink with the common guy, next door neighbor, whatever. It doesn’t make any sense why anybody would want to hurt that boy. Not any at all.

Tell me a little about what else is going on with your career.

Well, several things are going on. My wife Kimberly has got a deal going on for a reality show and some people out in California just bought that project I think, it’s called The Coe Show. They don’t know that I’m not gonna do it yet, I haven’t told them. They think they’re gonna get me to do stuff, but I ain’t gonna do it. Well, I mean, I’d do it, for a lot of money. (Laughs) Nah, I don’t know much about it. But they are real good people and we all had a good time filming what they did film. It was almost like the cameras weren’t even there, and you just do what you do, and they put it all together. They put it together and it turned out very good. They sent us about a 15-minute trailer for it and I liked it. They went and talked to a lot of different people about David Allan Coe, and different things. It’s pretty neat. I have a copy with me we can watch after the interview. (Note: The trailer was great, with actor Dennis Hopper doing the introduction, and a funny scene with David and Miss Kim shopping for toilet paper.)

What else is going on?

I really don’t know much about it. I’ll get an update every two or three days. Kimberly will tell me. But I don’t stay abreast of it like I did when i was younger. I just wanna know am I working today or am I gambling? You know? (Laughs) I’ll ask her and she’ll say you’ve got one more gambling day then it’s a work day. That’s about it.

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