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The Who Tragedy in Ohio: A First Hand Rememberance

My First Hand Remembrances of the Who Concert Tragedy 30 Years Ago Today

By Derek Halsey

It is hard to believe that it has been 30 years since the tragedy of The Who concert in Cincinnati on December 3rd, 1979. On that tragic night 11 young folks lost their lives while simply going to a rock concert. Many of the reports and stories at the time and since have described it as a "stampede," but that wasn't really the case. I know beca...

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DerekHalsey says...

Yep, folks, I need to make a change with the second paragraph above as the Zeppelin concert I am referring to did happen in 1977 and not 1979.The second paragraph should read; "I attended a concert a couple of summers earlier that gave hints of the tragedy that was to come. Because of what is known as 'festival seating' at concerts, as in whoever gets in first gets the best seats and the best positions in front of the stage, a sold out rock concert could be chaotic back in the day. Led Zeppelin performed in Cincinnati in the summer of 1977 and before that show I found myself in the middle of the crowd waiting for the gates to open. That was when I became more than a little worried about what was going on with the crush of people around me." Chet Flippo also refers to that earlier Zeppelin concert in his Rolling Stone article about the Who concert which you can view here - http://tinyurl.com/yd3qwrs The official Led Zep website also has an article about that 77 Zep show here - www.ledzeppelin.com/show/april-19-1977 - where it quotes the newspaper article sa saying, "CINCINNATI (UPI) — Police reported today about 70 persons were arrested Tuesday night m a melee caused by would-be gate-crashers at a Led Zeppelin rock concert. Several windows were broken and several doors smashed at Riverfront Coliseum, where several hundred persons without tickets milled about, hoping to get into the already sold-out concert. Several persons were hit by rocks and bottles, but no serious injuries were reported." That Zep concert foretold what would happen two years later, but again, the Zep concert was in 1977 and the Who concert was in 1979. Thanks!! Derek H.

factchecker says...

Led Zeppelin didn't play Cincinnati in 1979. The writer of this piece needs to be accurate with facts.

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