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The 25 Best Songs: Lynyrd Skynyrd

by Michael Buffalo Smith

And now, my choices for the 25 all-time best songs recorded by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

1. Freebird
    Picking the top two Skynyrd songs is a no-brainer. After all, they are both in the Hot Lists of all time best rock and roll songs by most journalists, and while “Freebird” has been driven into the...

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MUTTER says...

A top 25 don't do justice to a group that had so many hits and just downright wonderful songs that a top 100 all time greatest wouldn't carry them all. R.I.P.Billy Powell.

Penthor says...

Good start, but I don't think I can limit a Skynyrd list to just 25. The original Four Walls of Raiford, 3a.m version with only Tsilis on Gary's Dobro, was and is great. It should be there. Still, a good list.

rjs2005 says...

Great list. The only song I didn't see that I would add (although I don't know what I would kick out to replace it) is "Cry for the Bad Man."

tut says...

Litlwing got paid to do this review!

copperhead says...

Four walls of Raiford was great. Last Rebel. I like Vicous Cycle CD also. But Simple Man is my #1

palmettopirate says...

All in all a good list Buffalo. Although "Every Mothers Son" and "Four Walls of Raiford" are a couple of my personal favorites I'd like to have seen in there!

tuckerhead says...

Great list Buff. I would have added "Every Mothers Son" and "One More Time." But opinions are like butt holes, we all have one!

michaelbuffalo says...

I am loving the responses. Thanks guys. Remember, this is my OPINION. Yes, I like "The Last Rebel" that much, and all the songs y'all named were #26. I swear theyu were!

OhioGuy says...

Buffalo, Great list. For the most part you have on your list what I would have chosen. It's hard to chose a list from a band that has so many great songs. Keep up the good work!

rebyll says...

That was quite an undertaking there Buff. Jimmie Van Zant told me that #4 was his personal Skynyrd favorite. I was looking for "Was I Right Or Wrong" but I guess 25 is what it is..... Keep it LOUD & PROUD!!!!

litlwing says...

I would not want to be in your shoes right now Buff.. Did you forget about Ain't No Good Life? I Never Dreamed? One More Time? You think The Last Rebel is Better than those 3? Oh m..OMG! You probably should have taken a poll, nothing post crash beats anything pre crash & you didn't specify which skynyrd new or original.. tsk... cause .. well we won't go there AGAIN. Wing

Tigers1 says...

Michael, Good list But you left out some of my favorites .Every Mothers Son ,Am I Losin & The Most Overlooked Skynyrd song of all I Need You!!.But what you have left out . GO TIGERS

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