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November 2009 Chuck Leavell Interview

Mystery And Manners' November 2009 Chuck Leavell Interview

This Chuck Leavell  interview, conducted last week, provides insi...

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DarcyValenzuela30 says...

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Jess Collier says...

Insightful interview; the fact that Chuck has his fingers in so many pies and played on just about EVERY great Capricorn recording from the '70s is very inspirational. Question for Buffalo: Brother, do you have any idea of the missing albums from the Capricorn Discography on your and the "bsnpubs" sites? There's about five of them; I've tracked down almost all of C'corn's albums, and would love to uncover those "missing" ones! Thanks, Jess Collier

Bill Cochran says...

Great interview...what insight and wisdom from old school rock icon!

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