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New Orleans Journal Episode Three: Culture, Cuisine, and "Coffee Shop Chronicles"

Randy and I arrived in NOLA on April 9 by way of Hattiesburg, MS. We elected to spend the first night of the trip in Mississippi because we had heard of a superb restaurant in downtown Hattiesburg called 206 Front Street. We were not disappointed. That experience is worth and will receive its own blog, especially the beer from Mississippi's first brewer...

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Rick Rockhill says...

I read The Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans by David Lummis and loved it. David was a guest on my radio show, you can hear David read a few excerpts on the show. Listen for free, anytime here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/palm-springs-savant/2010/06/27/palm-springs-savant-co-116-david-lummis

Bill Cochran says...

You left me jealous of your trip and hungry for all the wonderful meals you described. I'm looking forward to reading The Coffee Shop Chronicles as well.

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