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JD Crowe

Bluegrass Legend J.D. Crowe

by Derek Halsey
December 2002

In 1956, a 15 year old J.D. Crowe came out of Lexington, Kentucky and joined the legendary Jimmy Martin’s band and went on to become one of the top pickers to ever play a banjo. To this day he is regarded as one of the true stylists of the instrument and still plays about 40 dates a year. By the early 1970s, ...

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I saw JD and the gang at the Holiday Inn North several times in 1972 to 1974. They called it The Crowe's Nest. The place was full of smoke and the sound was loud, but it was the greatest sound I ever heard. The walk-ins that came by and sat in with JD were an extra treat. How I would love to relive those days. It was the best of times. JD and Tony and Bobby were intense and you could feel how close they were. I guess that is why they continued to record with each other over the years after they went solo with their separate careers. They were the best there ever was for the style they played. Fox On The Run was a signature favorite for them. I remember that Tony hated to have to sing the really high pitched songs because he said it gave him a headache. JD produced a special sound for the time.

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