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Four Poems by Matthew Nolan: A New Orleans Poet

Caterpillar Girls (from Crumpled Paper Dolls, 2004) Should have known! Should have known! Between a phony butterfly and a never evolving caterpillar— Her pleasant sincerity is a funny hat that droops over her face, a read more...

Why GP Cries

by Harry Moore Beneath the seething August heat bolls of cotton crack, then burst in fluffy locks, green leaves twist, turn brown and fall. Black faces glisten as workers bend to knee-high stalks, plucking the soft fiber from prickly read more...

Three Poems by Jeanie Thompson and "To an Outdoor Wedding" by Kathleen Driskell

Three Poems from The Seasons Bear Us by Jeanie Thompson --published by River City Publishing Company On a Bank of the Tennessee Late August While the sun stained the still read more...

Poems by Natasha Trethewey

Miscegenation In 1965 my parents broke two laws of Mississippi; they went to Ohio to marry, returned to Mississippi. They crossed the river into Cincinnati, a city whose name begins with a sound like sin, the sound of read more...

Hunting the Cotaco Creek

by Charles Ghigna His hand in hold so trigger tight even its blood believes in ghosts. It clings with set finger on steel and waits inside a dream of ducks. The twilight gives into a rise of eastern sky as sun reveals herself too proud read more...

Baseball Dreams

by Charles Ghigna In memory of Jack Marsh, second baseman, Yale University, 1943 Before the bayonet replaced the bat, Jack Marsh played second base for Yale; his spikes anchored into the August clay, his eyes set deep read more...

Shacks on Highway 231, Along the High Red Clay Embankments

By Bonnie Roberts These words are for those who never wrote a word, or sang a song, or thought a great thought, or invented something, or made something lasting. These words are for those who lived extraordinary read more...

Auger and Old Shoes

                        by Eric Smith I. On her rocker’s each forward pitch she glimpses the scuffed toes of shoes down the hall, read more...

My South

                                      By Doris Gabel Welch My South is

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