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Promise To Thomas; Buffalo's Top Ten

Posted: May 24, 2010

Be sure to check out Rebyll's photos and review from the Promise To Thomas benefit here.

And here are my suggestions for ten awesome tracks to rock out to this week.

1. No Regrets  Barry Lee Harwood
Good Southern rockin’ from his new solo record.
2. Rock This Country  Swampdawamp
The title track and current single from their latest album
3, Lullaby’s, Legends and Lies  My Morning Jacket
   The rockers go straight country on the new Shel Silverstine tribute album Twistable Turntable Man
4. On The Hunt   Lynyrd Skynyrd
Still one of my favorite Skynyrd grooves. And that Ronnie, what a singer!
5. Justice   Molly Hatchet
The title track from their blazing hot new album.
6. Josephine Beyond Compare  Cowboy
A classic smooth groove from Tommy Talton.
7. Take The High Road   Silver Travis
Amazing title track from their latest release.
8. If You Wanna Get to Heaven   Ozark Mt. Daredevils
Still one of my favorite Southern rock tunes.
9. Badlands   Tom Coerver
Just a great rocker from Louisiana’s Coerver from his second album a few years back.
10. Prime Time  Rossington Collins Band
Speaking of Barry Lee Harwood! And that Dale Krantz sang her buns off!

NOTE: I am having laser surgery on my other eye today. I may be unable to post for a few days. Please check back daily. Our new GRITZ Compilation will be available this week and it rocks!

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern. Buffalo


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deltablue says...

So is the Hatchet record good?

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