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Hank Williams, Jr Kicking His Record Company to The Curb

Posted: Jul 23, 2009

According to an online interview/blog, Hank Williams, Jr. is fed up wih his record company and looking for a new recording home. He says this is his last album for CURB Records.

And what an album it is. CURB is losing a great artist at the peak of his career. See my review of his new album here. More on Hank coming soon to GRITZ.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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JCFlyer says...

Bocephus is certainly the real deal, however, the distribution of music has sure changed during the past several years. In the good old days you cut a record or cd and the radio played it and people bought it at the local record store. Today, WalMart is the biggest record store and most music is downloaded a song at a time. Add to that, terrestrial radio has become so stagnent that artists like Hank Jr., George Strait, and the Oak Ridge Boys would have a hard time getting airplay if they were just starting out. Good luck Hank because your new music still needs to be heard, and is as relevent to anything that you've ever done. It's just a shame that the record industry has really downhill since your last release. And here's a shout out to my old buddies: Hillbilly Jim and Cowboy Jack Clement who are playing Red White and Pink Slip Blues on their Outlaw Country shows on Sirius / XM satillite radio. And Bocephus, would you please include San Jose, CA on your upcoming tour. You've got a lot of hell raising fans out here in California !!!

michaelbuffalo says...

Amen to that, Copperhead.

copperhead says...

Often imitated but never duplicated

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